News Code: 99726

9/26/2017 09:09

Dr.Velayati mentioned in the opening session of Science Survey and Research Assistance Websites:

“Medical Field Researches Should be Performed According to Native Conditions in Iran”/”Research Should be Problem- Centered”

“The Credit of Each Scientific Center depends on the amount of its research. Of course, research relates to the old times in Iran’s science history, which was not driven from the western countries,” Dr. Ali Akbar Velayati the President of IAU Board of Trustees and the Founding Council, expressed.

“Nowadays, the translation of western books and teaching them at medical universities are considered as an imitation without any scientific value. The subject that is taught to students should be about the native diseases of that country and region,” Dr. Velayati by referring to the importance of research in medical field, emphasized.

“If professors and faculty members teach the result of their researches in laboratories to students, that would be much more valuable than teaching translated works,” Dr. Velayati by emphasizing that researches should be problem-centered, added.