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7/18/2016 11:47

Dr. Mirzadeh Unveils Lab, Sport, and Workshop Complex in Sirjan IAU

The president of Islamic Azad University inaugurated laboratories, workshops and a sport complex in the Sirjan branch.

According to IAU public relations, the laboratories and workshop complex of Sirjan IAU were unveiled as a part of SAHA (System of Azad Cooperative Labs), in a two storey, 2300-square-meter site.

The project, which is home to chemistry, industrial electronics, PLC, microprocessor, logic circuit, digital electronics labs, took 18 months to construct. The sport complex, at about ​​2500 square meters, includes two gyms and fitness salons and also multi-purpose futsal, volleyball, and basketball courts.

Dr. Mirzadeh also unveiled the statue of Mohammad Ebrahim Bastani Parizi, an Iranian historian, translator, poet, essayist, and author of non-fiction books whom numerous publications (over 50 books) are mostly popular reads on topics such as the history of Iran and the history of his hometown Kerman.